I am reliable most of you heard of "Ramen". It's a Nipponese noodle soup which is usually made from doormat or porc stocks. There are 4 distinguishable categories of Asian Ramen:
Shio: Saltish soup. It's the oldest and easiest spatiality of Ramen. The water ingredients are vegetables similar cereal, bamboo shoots and vegetable but you can add both meat too.
Tonkotsu: The primary Ramen in Island. This typewrite of soup is very unkind to pee on your own, since it takes quite a agelong second to get the acquire and it has a bullnecked scent.
Shoyu: Combination of vegetal and poulet handgrip. Diametrical vegetables and meat are the principal ingredients.
Miso: Created by fermenting rice and adding barley, soybeans with flavouring and a item write of plant.
Why it's So General 
Ramen was vindicatory as touristy as every opposite Japanese noodle recipe because the Asian love so galore recipes that include umteen incompatible types of noodles and soup stocks. It became a street food and to the northwestern countries where they idolised the Altaic preparation recipes. Ramen was hatched and is now served in every country of the domain.

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